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Cosmetic Items

Skin White Soap And cream
Natural Face Whitening Soap
Face Fresh Beauty Soap
White Gold Face Cream
Seven Herbal Ubtan
Olivia, Hashmi Kajals
Mendhi Tube (24 doz/ctn)
Aarzoo brand Chandni Hand
Mendhi (24 doz/ctn)
Chandni nail Mendhi (48 doz/ctn)
Dulhan Cone Mendhi (20 doz/ctn)
Saeed Ghani Brand Henera
Mendhi (100 gm x 100/ctn)
Kaajal Hashmi brand (100 doz/ctn)(1200 pcs)
Kaajal Anmol brand(10/leaf, 5 leaf/box, 20 box/ctn)(1000
Herbinol hair oil
Faiza Face Cream (12 doz/ctn)
Faiza Face Wash (12 doz/ctn)
Faiza beauty soap (6 doz/ctn)
Golden Pearl Face Cream (12 doz/ctn)
Golden Pearl Face Wash (12 doz/ctn)
Golden Pearl beauty soap (6 doz/ctn)
Natural beauty Face Cream(12 doz/ctn)
Fair and Lovely multivitamin
(50 gm) Fair and Lovely
multivitamin (25 gm) Mustard
hair oil

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